All week I was thinking about being more domestic this long weekend. I wanted to spend some good time at home and start making it feel a little more welcoming. It was a sunny sunday afternoon and we ventured out for some plant shopping. I’ve had this big house plant kicking around for years.┬áIt was in some serious need of fresh potting dirt. We named it Hector.Plants - 1

It’s a lot of fun picking out new plants to keep. I’ve always wanted my own aloe vera, this seemed like a good time. I enjoy it’s green healing vibes.Plants - 6

We picked up a few air plants. I have a couple friends with these and they are pretty cool. Someone stopped me on the sidewalk to ask where I bought mine, a hot commodity in the blogger decor world.

Plants - 2

Watering the air plants.Plants - 3

Butters is napping under the table!Plants - 4

New soil and a new home, Hector has had a huge breath of fresh air. This plant is actually dancing on it’s own! My selenite has been sitting in the sun soaked window sill for weeks and is radiating it’s light and very warm to the touch.Plants - 7

This is a good start to greening up the place. I plan to hang the air plants by the kitchen window and adding some larger floor plants… It’s nicer in here already. I hope everyone enjoyed their May long weekend as well.

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